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The Budh Story

Stand Out In The Crowd...

budh is a Sanskrit word for planet Mercury, who rules business, trading, communication skills. According to Hindu Astrology budh is the “karaka” of communication and wisdom. Budh  is the ruler of that fragment of mind that can decide, differentiate, and reason, the faculty that controls the subconscious thoughts and conscious actions and power of discrimination. Its influence is strong. Controlling travel, finance, logic, and education, Budh can take you places if positioned strong in a horoscope.


Budh is responsible for how you express yourself to the outer world, how you handle stresses and tackle unfortunate choices in life. Though we are like buildings built brick by brick, it is Budh that helps present ourselves in the fullest form. 


With the use of budh bags, you would subconsciously be worshipping planet mercury. We pray use of budh bags blesses you with “Kripadrishti” of planet Mercury.

budh bags

Stand out in the crowd....

Budh bags is a concept, not just a product….. concept of style, elegance, premium-ness, personalization and durability at affordable prices.

The key features of budh bags are:

  1. Manufactured from the best quality material

  2. Extremely light weight ….. remember that shoulder pain you had because of using a very heavy bag?

  3. Personalised – Buyer’s name is tagged on the bag in black font on a bold gold background…. To give your bag that “unique” look. Also so that you never face the bag exchange that has become very peculiar because of the same looking bags…..

  4. Tested for quality…. Every budh bag is tested for quality before it hits the market….

  5. In contrast to the elegant stylish look that the budh bags have, they are priced reasonably….

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