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About Us

budh bags….. stand out in the crowd.


Budh bags is a concept, not just a product….. concept of style, elegance, premium-ness, personalization and durability at affordable prices.


Over the past 20 years, everything has changed, including the way we live, work, dress and also travel…. Essential part of every travel from one place to another, from residence to office, to various cities for office work or for leisure with family, is bags…. Laptop bags, office briefcase, backpack or travel bags…..


Current Indian market has 2 types of bags - poor quality bags or very expensive bags. Budh bags came in to existence to fill the vacuum of good quality bags at reasonable prices.


Budh bags has currently launched it’s “Black Beauty Collection” consisting Laptop Bags, Travel Bags, Laptop Backpacks, Sling Bags, Overnighters and Sling Bags.


The key features of budh bags are:

  1. Manufactured from the best quality material

  2. Extremely light weight ….. remember that shoulder pain you had because of using a very heavy bag?

  3. Personalised – Buyer’s name is tagged on the bag in black font on a bold gold background…. To give your bag that “unique” look. Also so that you never face the bag exchange that has become very peculiar because of the same looking bags…..

  4. Tested for quality…. Every budh bag is tested for quality before it hits the market….

  5. In contrast to the elegant stylish look that the budh bags have, they are priced reasonably….


Currently we have launched 20 variants of bags under “Black Beauty Collection”. Await for hundreds of more catchy yet elegant bags to be launched soon….

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